Life Lately

Been a long time since I last posted in this blog, isn’t it? 🙂

So… how’s life in Sweden like?

It’s getting colder and colder for sure 🙂 Tonight it’s 0 Celcius degree (with -4 degree as its real feel XD ) winter is surely coming and I have changed my coat form the dark blue autumn coat to light green winter coat 🙂

I’m now in my 3rd course of the first semester, basic statistics and computer based analysis. What can I say about this course? I love this course! ❤ of course I do, it’s all about what I’ve learned before in my undergrad level. Now I realize that I’m more of a biostatistician than an epidemiologist myself >.< But what can I do? I’ll try to be a good epidemiologist as well 🙂

The highlight of the previous weeks was my 24th birthday! It’s been a really lovely day 🙂 I got lots of birthday wishes, and plenty of surprises! The princess cake brought by my significant other, for example, and the gift card given by my 2 best friends here, not to mention 30 superbly delicious muffins baked by other close girl friends, and a surprise by #paxbabes! ❤ ❤ ❤


I didn’t know what got into me but it was only tonight that I finally felt it in my heart and thought about it, about how grateful I should be, looking at what I have achieved this far. Of course there still are wounds that are not healed yet, but for tonight, I will lock the drawer and simply say,

‘Thank you, God…’


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