About This Blog

The idea to make this blog came on my way to Stockholm, Sweden to pursue my master’s degree. Believe me, there was nothing much to do in a long-haul flight, apart from flickering the in-flight entertainment, and so I let myself wander mindlessly through the journey. While I was staring at the screen, which, at that time, gave us the information about the distance that had been traveled, I started counting, how far it was from my home country to this country. It seemed that it could reach up to 10,000 km and so the words started rushing to my mind. 10,000 km. 10,000 km away from home. How would it be? Over the past 6 years, I had lived in the comfort of my family and now I have to travel this journey alone. I wish I could document my days here, and I am sure a lot of people who had traveled the same path would have thought the same, so it begins. I have another blog, which I sometimes wrote previously, but since this journey is so special, I wish to wrote it in a special place.

So… what else to say? Enjoy reading!


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