About Eurovision and Melodifestivalen 2015

Before I came to Sweden, I honestly thought that Swedish’s (pop) songs were not really my thing. I had no interest, at all. But it was all changed when my friends introduced me to Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. At first I thought Eurovision was a competition among European countries in science and technology, or a broadcasting company that spread across Europe. But no. It was actually a song contest among European countries (and the song has to be original, no less). And Melodifestivalen is a national competition to select Sweden’s entry for Eurovision. Do you see just how far I was from the truth? ^^’

The first selection for Melodifestivalen this year was held at the beginning of February. It was Saturday night, and I was struggling alone in my room trying to finish my home exam for the first course in the spring semester when my best friend announced that he was about to watch the first semifinal for Melodifestivalen this year. Can you guess what happened next? Yep. I abandoned my exam and ended up watching it ^^’ *no surprise here*

So for each semifinal there were 7 entries competing for 2 positions to go directly to the final and 2 others to go to second chance round. In this very first semifinal, my favorite song, didn’t even make it to the second chance round! Ooooohhhh I was so disappointed!

My favorite song from the 1st semifinal of Melodifestivalen – I’ll be Fine by Molly Pettersson Hammar. For me this is the only good entry that night 😛

This is another entry that made my friends and I :)))))))))))) a lot:

Hello Hi by Dolly Style. Cute, aren’t they? XD This kind of appearance might be usual in Asian countries, but seeing it here really took it to another level :)))

I didn’t watch the 2nd semifinal because I had a gathering with Kampung Stockholm Perjuangan (Temu Musim Cinta ❤ ) But the day afterwards, my friends who watched it seemed to be bewitched by this following performance and in no time, we became huge fans:

Möt mig i Gamla stan by Magnus Carlsson. If you ever read this, Magnus, worry not, you have a huge fan-base here in Stockholm XD XD XD

The 3rd semifinal was probably the most interesting, because my friends and I watched it on a cruise!!!! (Which gave us chances to criticize every single performance together 😛 ) I couldn’t say much about this week’s performance. No particular favorites, but perhaps the following 2 were okay (although at that time we were like…. seriously? ^^’ ) :

I See You by Kristin Amparo. Like Adele?

Bring Out the Fire by Andreas Weise. I didn’t fancy the ‘dum dum dum’ at first, but later I thought it was OK >:D

Both entries went to second chance round, although none of them made it to the final.

Anyway, here’s the winner for the 3rd week:

Jag är fri by Jon Henrik Fjällgren. I have to admit that his performance was the most unique of them all (on the 3rd week), but the flying backing vocals/dancers really scared the living daylights out of me.

The last semifinal (4th week), was, I think, the best semifinal throughout this year’s Melodifestivalen. Although I was sad that one of my favorite songs didn’t make it to the final 😦

Black Swan by Caroline Wennergren. This is the BEST performance for me for that week! Too bad she didn’t even make it to the second chance round 😦

But at least one of my favorites made it to the second chance and even to the final! XD

Guld och gröna skogar by Hasse Andersson. I know many people dislike this performance, but this is one of the songs that could make me happy and smile whenever I listen to it 🙂 Reminds me of summer and how I’m looking forward to it! And I like the performance as well! Especially since there’s a violin involved 😛 and green trees. lots of green trees 😛

This is another performance that made it to second chance round and eventually to final (after winning a duel against Dolly Style):

Make Me (La La La) – Dinah Nah. I kinda like this song, it’s good for dancing, don’t you think? :))) Although I know that my friends wouldn’t agree. Hahahahaha. But she made it to the final, anyway 😛

The following performance is… ah. How should I say it? I didn’t like it at first, but then the song got stuck in my head for days :)))

Don’t Say No – Midnight Boy. I hate this song at first. I hate the performance. But I have to say that compared to many of the previous week’s performers, this guy had a control over his vocal quality (yeah, the others were that bad sometimes). But I strongly suggest that you don’t watch the video. Just. Listen. :))))

I still have a lot to be written about Melodifestivalen and Eurovision but I’m gonna stop here now 😛 (otherwise this will be an endless post). Next week the final will be held in Stockholm and I’m soooo looking forward to it! 🙂 So… see you in the next post!