My Top 5 Eurovision 2018 Entries

One of my friends asked me some weeks ago if I would write anything about Eurovision again this year. Honestly, I was not so sure back then because it seemed that I did not have many songs that I really like from this year’s competition. Of course, that might also be due to the fact that I did not really follow it as intense as the previous years. But still, Eurovision songs can be a good alternative to listen to if you’re bored with all the mainstream songs. So… after some contemplations (not really 😛 ), I proudly present to you my top 5 songs for Eurovision 2018! Yeyyy (/*’-‘)/**\(‘-‘*\)

1. Latvia

Latvia was one of the countries that released their entries pretty early. And among those countries, this song was the only one that immediately captured my attention. Love at the first hearing, if you may. I did not know why. Perhaps its familiarity with the more mainstream pop songs? Or perhaps because it’s such a theatrical song? Or perhaps because it spoke about the broken heart? I don’t know. But the fact remains that this song was the only Eurovision 2018 song I liked until I re-listened to some other Eurovision songs this year.

2. Lithuania

I didn’t actually know when exactly this song was released, but I stumbled upon this song when I listened to Eurovision 2018 playlist on Spotify. And like the first song, I immediately loved it ❤ I think this is such a simple yet sweet song.

3. Ireland

I just came across this song when my friends and I gathered and watched this year’s entries. I know it might sound like a repetition but I could not find a better word for this song except sweet. And I like the choreography, as well, how they moved in harmony. I hope they would perform as beautiful on stage.

4. Montenegro

Given the fast number of non-English entries this year, I should have probably added more than this song to this list. But so far, this is the best non-English entries I’ve seen. Year by year, their entries had almost always captured my attention. This song reminded me a bit of their 2015 entry, with strong strings part (and I can never say no to anything involving the violin ^^’ ) so that probably explained why I liked this song.

5. Belgium

I always thought that Belgium’s entry has always been the most… unique. When I first listened to this song, I only listened to the chorus part and I admitted that I did not really like it. But then I listened again to the whole song and it made the whole song way more dramatic than what I was expected.

Of course, anything can happen and what we saw as beautiful in the video or Spotify might not be executed as great on stage. But based on all the songs I have listened so far, these 5 are my favourites. As usual, I have no expectation for them winning (honestly!) because it varies A LOT between entries and sometimes I wondered if we really make a fair comparison in this contest. Probably not. But anyway.

What about you? Do you follow Eurovision? What’re your favourites? Tell us in the comments! 🙂


My Top 8 Guilty Pleasure Songs (Eurovision 2017 Edition)

After I shared my top 5 favourite Eurovision entries, it’s time to share my ultimate guilty pleasures list XD

These are the songs that might be quite unpopular to be liked, with eccentric/strange packaging, disastrous live performance but good radio version or vice versa, or other kinds of flaws… but I still find them enjoyable at some point in my life. So… here we go!

8. Slovenia

This song came to my attention only because I was searching with ‘my’ keyword in Eurovision 2017 Spotify playlist. I was looking for ‘My Friend’ (Croatian entry) and I didn’t delete the keyword and this song was played immediately afterwards (weird story, I know ^^’ ). This is another ballad which some people might find a bit boring, but it was not that bad, actually. Well, to be honest, the one in Spotify is better than the live performance ^^’

7. Estonia

I always have a high hope for Estonia since Elina Born & Stig Rästa‘s performance in 2015, but honestly, this one is no match for that. In spite of that, I keep listening to this song over and over again. I don’t know. I like it when they sing the ‘Aaaaaaaa…’ part in the refrain ^^’

6. Cyprus

🙄 was my immediate reaction when I first listened to this song. It did not help when I watched the video clip either but somehow it helped when I finally saw the live performance: I think Hovig hit it off. I appreciate the choreography and although it was often compared to Belgian 2015’s entry, in terms of packaging, I think this entry has a better song (more melodious, probably, I don’t know). It’s still not a song that I like head-over-heels but I’ll say not bad for now (what a huge change of mood ^^’ ).

5. Ukraine

Again, another song I found accidentally through the Spotify playlist. In the sea of ballads, this song feels kind of refreshing. It certainly reminds me of The Rasmus, or Muse probably. I might not like the visual (live performance), but this is an okay song to listen to.

4. Greece

I love the singer and I wished she had sung in Greek. I was kind of disappointed when they chose this song instead of the other one. I disliked the video clip they released but the live performance was a little bit better, actually. I wish she would hit the high note, though. I think it will boost her performance, but let’s see!

3. Germany

I really feel guilty for actually liking this song because the beginning sounds like a copy and paste of Sia’s song. But otherwise, this is a catchy song – or at least easy to listen to. And thanks to the familiarity of the melody, I find myself sing along to this in no time (facepalm).

2. Moldova

I always like the song that makes me dance. And weird as it can be, it’s – always – hard – for – me – not – to – like – a – song – with – violin. So there it goes with this one. Catchy rhythm: check, killer dance moves: check, energetic team: check, dress transformation: yesssss! how did they do that?? XD In two words: sleek performance.

1. Montenegro

This entry is on top of my guilty pleasure list. And to make it worse, I have actually known (but did not want to admit) since I first listened to the song. As opposed to the entry from Moldova, I did not actually like the live performance (or the video clip, for that matter). But then again, I can never refuse the song that tempts me to dance. So yeah… this is my ultimate guilty pleasure (facepalm) XD

So here you are. My ultimate guilty pleasure list. I don’t know why I have so many guilty pleasure songs this year. What about you? Do you have a song that you like but don’t dare to admit? :p