Second Snow in Stockholm

Today is actually one of the happiest days in my life because… it’s finally snowing again in Stockholm!!!!! XD XD XD

Since the first snow in Stockholm last month (you could see it here), no snow had fallen in Stockholm actually. But today, when I went to school, I found the road covered with a thin layer of snow! And what was more interesting was the snow actually fell again when I was at school, and during the lunch break! Yeayyyyyyy!!!!

It was a bit wet at first that I was afraid it would not last long, but it wasn’t! The snow stayed some time and me and my friends got a chance to ‘play around’ a bit and take a picture (or two or more) of us and the surrounding snow! So happy XD And one of my friends actually said, ‘Your prayer is finally granted, Alicia’ because I had been very noisy and asking my friends when it would eventually snow again XD *so sorry for being so annoying for the past few days XD hehehe…

And finally, here’s some pictures of the day!