Self-defence training for girls

I am not much of a sporty person, honestly. All of my life, I have been trying to avoid dropping a single sweat (read: exercising). However, for the past few weeks, this has changed. I have started with the swimming lessons again, AND I joined the ground training from the ice skating club.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ground training: it’s basically the same condition, strength, and flexibility training (lots of running, push up, etc.). But sometimes it was incorporating elements of ice skating, i.e. jumps. To get an idea of how the ground training looks like, you can watch this video. It differs for every session, but needless to say that I was about to die the first time I joined and almost fainted the second time I was there.

Now, as if that experience was not enough, I tried another physical activity yet again last week: self-defence training.

I was never a fan of the fighting sport, really. Or martial arts, for that matter. While some of my friends joined such extracurricular when we went to school, I went with scouting. So, it came to me as a surprise that I was ACTUALLY interested when I saw this ad on Facebook about self-defence training for girls. I thought this might be a good skill to learn, honestly, but I could not stand having extensive training for weeks, or years. And this one was only a one-time training, although they do offer regular training as well. So then I signed up.

It was a 3-hour session and there were around 50 girls who participated. Actually, I was a bit worried in the beginning. I mean, I could not even stand 45 minutes ground training, how would I survive 3 hours defence training???

But it turned out better than expected actually. There were 4 techniques that we learned for this basic course:

  1. Hitting with the palm
  2. Hitting with the elbow
  3. Kicking
  4. Getting out if you are pinned to the ground

Of course in this class, you learned more about building your techniques, and not as much using extensive power from the beginning to the end. There were certainly times when we were asked to hit or kick with all our might, repeatedly, especially when we were sparring with the instructors. But for me, it was manageable. And the instructors were really helpful, motivating, and certainly knew what they were doing. So I would really recommend this training. (And I am not being paid to say this!)

What about you? Have you ever attended similar training? Leave a comment! 🙂

From the session yesterday. Taken from Självförsvar För Tjejer Facebook page. Can you spot me? 😛


Finding my favourite sport/physical exercise

When somebody asked me what my favourite sport was, I used to answer, “Watching football. But only world cup.” A bit older, I would answer, “Running,” although the only time I ever run was when I had to get the grades for P.E. class in high school.
I did basically no physical activities whatsoever during my 4 years of university. Same thing when I started working.

But it all changed (kind of) when I moved to Sweden. Countless of times had I listened to the lectures on physical activities and its association with various health outcomes. Not to mention that people here, at least in Stockholm, exercised A LOT. Like, I once saw a guy running in the middle of WINTER night (with snow and everything). As a couch potato, it all made me very uneasy. It became worse because I was surrounded by health conscious friends who hit the gym every now and then.

Perhaps due also to social pressure, I finally gave in. I signed up for the gym.


Now being the nerd I was, I needed to know what kind of training they offered. I had decided since day one that I would be better off joining one of the group training classes rather than trying to figure out what machine to use for what. So in the end, I found out that they recommended us to do at least 1 cardio, 1 strength, and 1 flexibility class every week. They also gave the list on which classes trained what. I decided to try the cardio/aerobic class first, because it seemed more familiar to me. I booked a bodystep class.

It was a disaster.

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