Hari Keduapuluhsatu – A long and tiring day

It’s been quite a long and tiring day for me. I was meant to apply for the Swedish ID card today, but then I had to attend a group meeting. A good thing, actually, because my progress is quite pathetic compared to the other group members. But shortly before I was to go, my nose was bleeding. It was the second time within the last 3 days. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, since it’s been a long time ago since I last had a nosebleed. Or maybe it was because of the cold weather?

Well anyway, I had my digital ambassador’s interview today and I was quite nervous, to be honest. But I think it went okay. Let’s hope for the best! I think I’ll keep blogging, anyway, if I am not chosen, but it will be nice to have a special place to share.

I also actually supposed to have a fika with other KI Scholarship awardees,but unfortunately, the time was conflicting with the interview, so when I was about to go to Aula Medica, I found out that the fika had already been over. But the good thing is, I met the other awardees on my way there, so at least now I know who they are! 😄 great thing!

I also had my Swedish class today and it was quite fun. But I’m so tired now so.. See you later!