Watching Concert in Gröna Lund… Finally!

Every summer, the amusement park in Stockholm, Gröna Lund, arranged a series of concerts in the site. The lineup is usually good, a mixture of both Swedish and international artists. And you can attend all the concerts freely (?) once you have this seasonal ticket (gröna kortet).

I have had my seasonal ticket since years ago because Sam Smith was scheduled to have a concert there. But then it was cancelled and I almost never use it ever since. This year, I was planning to attend the tango lessons that were arranged there (yes, they have salsa and tango lessons too for the whole summer). But as usual, as we say in Swedish, det går inte (it doesn’t happen)… 😅😅😅

So as a backup plan (not really), I have listed all the artists I would like to see at this year’s concerts. It has started since May, for God’s sake, but until this month, I have not even stepped my foot in the park. This cannot continue. So last Thursday, I actually went to see the concert. It was Molly Sandén.

The moment I arrived in front of the stage, I knew I was totally out of place. I came from work, with all this work attire (not that formal, actually), but everyone around me was TEENAGERS!!! 😂😂😂

Oh no, wait. I actually saw a mother beside me accompanying her teenage daughter 😅

Anyway. It seemed like everyone around me knew the lyrics for ALL THE SONGS. While I can only remember 1 for the whole songs. And 2 other refrains #fail 😂😂😂

But it was fun anyway. Molly was really energetic and interactive. And she brought a lot of guest artists. And the staging was great. But the best moment was of course when she sang my favourites: Större, Utan Dig, and Rygg mot Rygg 😍😍😍 I think I could scream on top of my lungs for that (which I did, obviously 😂). She even went back to the stage to give 2 encores after the final song.

Overall, I would recommend going to these concerts if you really like the artists. Or if you are just regular concertgoers. Then it would certainly worth the amount of money you spent on the seasonal tickets 😂


Meet the New Jazz Sweetheart: Amanda Ginsburg

I don’t always listen to jazz, but when I do, it’s Amanda Ginsburg.

I first found out about Amanda when I was looking for performances at the Stockholm Culture Festival 2018. I have to admit that jazz is not something I am always passionate about (having been trained as a classical musician previously, I personally found it difficult to understand what’s jazz is all about *facepalm, I know 🙈). But there’s something about her that captivates me. I don’t know how to explain it. Perhaps it’s the song itself (I first listened to Havsmelodi – Sea’s Melody). It has this… sadness but also happiness at the same time. Or perhaps it’s her voice? It sounds so dreamy and beautiful to me.

Anyway, I decided to come and see her performance yesterday. After being misled by Google maps (who has lived in Stockholm for 4 years and still use Google Maps to navigate around the city? Yours truly, obviously), I arrived in front of the scene. The concert had started, and it was so crowded. I almost could not see the stage (short posture and late arrival is definitely not a good combination). However, I managed to listen to some of my favourites: Vem är du? (Who are you?), Flykten från vardagen (Escape from daily life), En kväll i september (An evening in September), and Havsmelodi. She sounded just like the recording. I’m in love 😍😍😍

I have to admit that I cannot catch all the words in her songs, despite having learned Swedish for years. But hey, isn’t the music itself the universal language? 😉

Amanda Ginsburg at Stockholm Culture Festival 2018

Watching Sam Smith’s Concert in Stockholm

One of the perks of living in Stockholm is that you have an abundance of entertainment choice. And by entertainment choice here I meant concerts. You see, people (artists) come and go to Stockholm and gave a performance here and I had to exercise a lot of self-constraint not to spend my monthly salary for the tickets. But some artists I would be more than willing to spend my money on their performances, and one of them is Sam Smith.

It was funny to think of how I got to know his works. You see, I followed this group on YouTube who often made classical covers from the popular songs. And one day, they posted the cover version for Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not the Only One’. It was good, but somehow it made me curious to find out about the original song. It was almost a year since the original song was released, and I had to admit that I had not heard about him up until that point #shame (facepalm)

So I googled his song and… BAM! I immediately fell in love. I think it was the rare occasion when I actually like the original artist’s version better than the cover. (You know, being a hard-core classical musician (not really ^^’) for me usually meant anything with the classical music format, i.e. strings and piano ensemble, is usually a winning choice).

But not that time.

Not that time.

So then you could also imagine how excited I was to find out that he was going to perform in Gröna Lund (the amusement park in Stockholm). Of course, I immediately bought the ticket, which back then was in the form of a season ticket, with the thought that I could watch other artists’ performances as well throughout the season. Sadly, some days before the actual concert date he had to cancel it, due to some health problems. My thought back then was, ’Oh no…! He’s never going to go to Stockholm, ever!’ 😥 The more troublesome thought was, what if his health problems were so severe that he would never be able to sing again? 😥 It was a scary prospect that I am sure the artist himself had thought.

Of course, I wrong on both account: 1) he continued singing and 2) he eventually came to Stockholm!!!!!

I arrived at the venue approximately 1 hour before the concert started. If you counted until the time he actually performed on stage it was 2.5 hours. (Don’t ask me why I came so early. Out of habit, perhaps 😛 ). But of course, it was worth the wait.

He opened the concert with ‘Burning’. The moment I saw him sitting on the stage, singing, and being projected on the black-and-white screen I was all 😮 😮 😮 I couldn’t believe my eyeeeesssss!!!! He was really there!!!!!!!!

It was super awesome. I think I could burst with happiness. He moved on and sang some of my favourites: ‘I’m Not the Only One’, ‘Omen’, ‘Writing’s On The Wall’, ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’, ‘Midnight Train’, and of course, ‘Palace’. The staging was awesome, the crews were awesome. I was glad he took some time to introduce all his band members. It is always good to give appreciation to fellow musicians. ❤

He sounded just like the recordings. It was amazing. Boy, this man can sing. (of course ^^’) and he was really interactive with the crowds. I don’t know how he did that. It seemed so natural. But probably that’s one of the traits you should have (or train) when you’re such an artist. And of course, the crowds were happy to follow his cue. It was such a wonderful atmosphere. ❤

I wish him luck for the rest of his world tour. I am happy that Stockholm is (once again) chosen as the opening city for such a wonderful artist’s tour (despite the fact that I arrived home late that night and suffered from sleepiness in the class and the office the day after) . 😀

But it was worth it.

It was definitely worth it.



Sam Smith, Stockholm, 19 April 2018





Tulisan untuk Adik-Adikku di Biostatistik FKM UI (2) – Tentang Perjuangan Menuju Kelulusan

Halo semuanya… :3 Sebelumnya aku mau ngucapin terima kasih buat semua yang udah baca tulisanku sebelumnya. Mohon maaf juga karena aku baru sempet nulis lagi sekarang dan jadinya malah panjang banget. Tapi mudah-mudahan tulisan ini bisa membawa manfaat buat siapa pun yang baca #azek 😛

Nah setelah sebelumnya nyinggung sedikit tentang seluk-beluk kuliah di FKM UI, kali ini aku pengen nyeritain sedikit tentang gimana seluk-beluk jadi mahasiswa tahun terakhir di FKM UI. Suka ngga suka, yang namanya mahasiswa tingkat akhir pasti akan mulai dihantui oleh pertanyaan-pertanyaan seperti, ”Kapan lulus?”, ”Magang di mana?”, ”Skripsinya tentang apa?”, ”Kapan kawin?”, dan sebagainya. Tapi jangan khawatir, karena seperti badai, semua itu akan berlalu. Mari kita bahas satu per satu.

Magang: Praktikum yang bukan di lab

Jaman aku dulu, magang alias praktikum kesehatan masyarakat itu mata kuliah yang paling berat bebannya di FKM: 9 SKS. Kayanya kebijakan magang ini tergantung tiap departemen, tapi waktu itu kalo ga salah magang di bios itu dibagi dalam 2 tahap: tahap I yang kita mesti bikin laporan deskriptif tentang tempat kita magang dan tahap II laporan ”penelitian” kita di tempat magang.

Waktu itu aku beruntuuuuuuuuuuuuuuung banget karena bisa nebeng magang bareng temen-temen bios di Kemenkes. Lupa prosedurnya gimana, tapi kalo ga salah aku sok iye aja nanya ke temen-temen yang udah ada niatan magang di Kemenkes terus minta join bareng #tutupmuka ^^’ Untung temen-temennya pada baek, jadilah kita waktu berame-rame, bersepuluh apa berberapa gitu magang di Direktorat Penyakit Tidak Menular, Kementerian Kesehatan RI.

Waktu itu kita dibagi-bagi lagi ke dalam beberapa subdit. Aku sama Kades (hai Kades 🙂 ) berdua di Subdirektorat Pengendalian Gangguan akibat Kecelakaan dan Tindak Kekerasan (GAKTI). Kebetulan emang aku minat banget di bidang ini, mangkanya semangat banget mau mulai magang. Sayangnya, hehehe… ya kadang harapan ga seindah kenyataan, ya. Biarpun udah bikin proposal juga dalam kondisi ideal mau ngambil data ini itu apa daya begitu nyampe tempatnya ternyata data yang diinginkan tak tersedia ^^’ Jadilah terpaksa improvisasi dan ganti haluan dalam penulisan laporan. Kalo ga salah waktu itu aku buat laporan tahap II cuma bikin literature review gitu. Tapi yang penting selama magang sih sebisa mungkin proaktif, nanya, ada kerjaan yang bisa dibantu ga. Minggu-minggu awal emang rada bingung sih, karena Kasubdit-nya ga ada juga ^^’ Tapi terus akhirnya kita dikasih kerjaan juga. Waktu itu kalo ga salah kita akhirnya disuruh bantuin bikin database buat surveilans cedera. Nah pas ini nih kepake banget kuliah Standardisasi Terminologi Kesehatan yang pake ICD-10 itu. Dan kuliah Pemrograman Komputer juga. Hehehehe :)))) Penasaran juga sih sekarang implementasi surveilansnya gimana. Ada yang tau? 🙂

Magang ini buat aku merupakan milestone yang menandakan kalo aku udah beneran jadi mahasiswa tingkat akhir yang tinggal selangkah lagi menuju gerbang kelulusan. Tapi tentu saja, sebelum membuka gerbang tersebut kita harus melewati yang namanya…

Skripsi: Karena kami semua ingin lulus

Sehabis magang muncullah skripsi. Begitu kira-kira perjalanan hidup mahasiswa tingkat akhir di FKM UI. Ga selalu sih, karena jaman aku dulu masih ada yang namanya Ujian Komprehensif buat yang ga ngambil skripsi. Sayangnya sejak jaman aku anak-anak bios ga boleh ngambil kompre… (Kasian deh. Siapa suruh ngambil bios. Muahahahahhaa XD)

Karena dari awal aku minatnya di bidang GAKTI itu, tadinya skripsinya mau tentang kecelakaan lalu lintas juga. Waktu itu udah sempet bilang sama Bu Milla juga (pembimbing akademik/PA aku waktu itu, halo Ibu… 🙂 ). Eh gataunya abis aku mengutarakan niatku itu, Bu Milla bilang gini (lupa persisnya gimana),

Say, kamu masih berminat bikin skripsi tentang musik ga? Kalo mau, Pak Pandu bersedia jadi pembimbing kamu, tuh…


Ini aseli bikin siyok banget karena sejujurnya aku udah ga kepikiran sama sekali buat bikin skripsi tentang musik. Jadilah selama beberapa saat aku ga ngelakuin apa-apa. Eh gataunya beberapa minggu kemudian, pas aku lagi bimbingan sama Bu Milla, ada Pak Pandu juga di ruangan, dan beliau tau-tau bilang,

Milla, mana mahasiswa yang katanya mau bimbingan sama saya…?

Aduh mak… Itu udah gatau lagi deh muka mau ditaro di mana. Hahahahaha ^^’ Yaabes kan mau penelitian apa coba tentang musik dan hubungannya sama kesehatan masyarakat? Itu saking bingungnya akhirnya di pertemuan berikutnya aku bawa 2 proposal sekaligus buat didiskusiin. Muahahahahaha #ambisius 😛

Dari 2 proposal itu, yang dipilih akhirnya yang pake metode survey (yg satu lagi eksperimen kalo ga salah). Nah tapi ternyata tidak cukup sampai di situ saja sodara-sodara, karena mulai tahun 2008, proposal skripsi di Dept. Bios harus dipresentasikan secara terbuka di hadapan dosen dan kawan-kawan. Emang sih ga seformal sidang skripsi yang harus ditentuin dosen pengujinya siapa, cuman akibatnya waktu aku ”sidang proposal”, dosen pengujinya sampe 4 orang. Hahahaha ^^’ (padahal print out nya cuma disiapin 3, jadilah sebelum sidang lari-lari dulu ke Gang Senggol fotokopi) XD

Waktu itu aku milih topik skripsinya tentang aktivitas musikal sepanjang hidup dan fungsi kognitif lansia. Kenapa aku milih topik ini? Well, buat alasan formalnya mungkin bisa dibaca di skripsinya langsung :3 *promo* 😛 Tapi alasan sebenernya ialah karena aku pengen mendedikasikan skripsi ini buat alm. kakek dan nenek aku. Alm. kakek, sama seperti aku, juga merupakan seorang pemain biola, meski aku ga sempet melihatnya langsung. Sedangkan alm. nenek, di akhir hidupnya sempat mengalami demensia dan hampir ga bisa ngenalin keluarganya sendiri (tapi entah gimana beliau masih ngenalin aku juga) dan beliau wafat di hari aku konser bersama Orkes Simfoni UI Mahawaditra saat aku diamanahkan jadi concertmaster-nya. So… that’s basically the emotional reasoning behind. :”)

After MusiKampus concert, 14 April 2011 with (some of) my dearest OSUI Mahawaditra friends. One of the hardest day of my life when my loved one passed away yet I had to stand up, be strong, and fulfill my responsibility.

After MusiKampus concert, 14 April 2011 with (some of) my dearest OSUI Mahawaditra friends. One of the hardest day of my life when my loved one passed away yet I had to stand up, be strong, and fulfill my responsibility.

Buat yang udah pernah ngerasain skripsi,pasti ngerasa lah ya gimana susahnya jungkir balik baca literatur sampe nemuin topik yang pas. Proses pencarian topik ini berasa nyelem di lautan yang sangaaaaaat dalem (padahal aku ga bisa nyelem :P). Baca jurnal, baca buku sampe kelelep dan kadang kehabisan oksigen juga. Kalo udah gitu ya jangan dipaksain. Istirahat dulu lah :3 Mangkanya aku seneng ngerjain skripsi di perpus FKM, soalnya jadi bisa ketemu temen-temen seperjuangan *dan ujung-ujungnya curcol 😛 Hehehehe…

Berhubung aku baru presentasi proposal bulan April, sedangkan batas kelulusan bulan Juli, jadilah aku harus ngebut ngumplin data dan sebagainya. O_o Alhamdulillah banget waktu itu aku ga menemukan kesulitan berarti dalam pengurusan dokumen. Waktu itu kebetulan aku penelitian di Panti/Sasana Tresna Werdha di Jakarta Timur, jadi aku mesti ngurus surat-surat ke Dinas Sosial Provinsi DKI Jakarta. Tapi aku mesti bilang, Dinsos Jakarta ini buat aku salah satu instansi pemerintah yang bagus banget kerjanya. ❤ Aku masukin surat izin dikasih tanda terima terus nomor kontak yang bisa dihubungi dan begitu dibilang tanggal sekian suratnya jadi ya emang bener suratnya jadi. Wow. *applause*

Salah satu hal yang paling menantang dalam proses pembuatan skripsi ini adalah waktu ngambil data. Aku ga punya pengalaman sama sekali ngewawancara lansia, jadi aku pun sempet stres juga. Yang estimasi ambil data sekian menit taunya bisa molor sampe setengah jam. Tapi aku ngga bisa ngga dengerin cerita mereka, karena… kasian 😦 Banyak pelajaran yang bisa diambil dari kisah hidup mereka, melebihi dari data yang aku pergunakan untuk skripsi. So…

embrace whatever experiences you might have throughout the process, because if you do, you’ll learn more than what you expect 🙂

Setelah guling-guling mencoba nyelesein skripsi, akhirnya di akhir bulan Juni 2012, skripsi aku siap sidang. PR berikutnya ialah nyari penguji dalam (UI) dan luar (non-UI). Alhamdulillah, lagi-lagi aku mendapat kemudahan untuk memperoleh penguji dalam dan luar buat sidang. Prosesnya kira-kira gini:

Menghubungi pembimbing –> direkomendasikan nama penguji dalam –> mengontak penguji dalam –> bersedia menjadi penguji, merekomendasikan nama penguji luar –> mengontak penguji luar –> bersedia menjadi penguji.  

Jadilah akhirnya aku sidang 2 minggu sebelum batas akhir sidang semester itu. Tanggalnya 4 Juli 2012, kebetulan banget pas hari itu mantan pacar (sekarang udah jadi keluarga :3) juga sama-sama sidang. Ahak, ahak, ahak XD Jadilah kami saling memberikan dukungan moral :3 *ciyeee*

Pelajaran buat yang mau sidang: kalo bisa ppt disiapin jauh-jauh hari ya… ini aku bikin sebenernya sehari sebelum sidang. Hahahahaha XD *jangan ditiru* Terus siapin juga perintilan buat sidang jauh-jauh hari, ruangan dan konsumsi misalnya. Minta bantuan temen kalo perlu. Biasanya sebagai saudara senasib sepenanggungan mereka akan bersedia dengan senang hati membantu, kok. Waktu itu aku pun minta bantuan Chichi buat nyiapin snack buat penguji (makasih ya Chi… 🙂 ). Satu tips lagi buat yang mau sidang:

Skripsi itu kalian yang buat, jadi kalian yang paling tau isinya. Jadi kalo kalian udah berusaha semaksimal mungkin, percayalah sama tulisan kalian 🙂

Ngomong-ngomong, jadi gimana sidangnya?

Alhamdulillah sidangnya lancar. Bisa dibilang sidang skripsi itu merupakan salah satu pengalaman hidup yang tak terlupakan 🙂 tapi yang paling berkesan ya waktu Pak Pandu menyatakan kalau aku bisa lulus dengan syarat:

  1. Skripsiku dituliskan dalam bentuk artikel untuk jurnal (yang mana waktu itu sebetulnya belum wajib)
  2. Abstrak penelitianku disertakan dalam The 20th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics di Seoul, Korea Selatan tahun 2013.


Jelas yang dimaksud syarat kelulusan ini bukannya syarat kelulusan bener-bener kalo itu 2 ga dikerjain ga bisa lulus dari FKM, but still I thought it was an honor, so… I decided to do them both! XD gimana ceritanya? Nantikan dalam episode berikutnya ya… Hehehehe :3

Sampai jumpa! 😉

Stockholm, April 2015

Alicia ❤


My Favorite Entries in Eurovision 2015 (Updated)

Let me clarify. I’m no music expert and this year is the first time I’m fully exposed to Eurovision Song Contest. But so far the experience has been so pleasant. I mean, there are many songs I like. I honestly don’t know what the criteria to win ESC is and some of the songs I’m going to present here are said to ‘will not be able to win’, or ‘not a Eurovision song’, but well… I don’t care 😀 So, here the list goes*… (in no particular order)

*not including songs from Russia, Sweden, Norway, Azerbaijan, Australia, San Marino yet. Either because the official videos/songs haven’t been released/chosen by the time this post is written

  • Italy: Il Volo – Grande Amore

The first time I listened to this song I melted instantly. Their voices reminded me of some of my favorite Italian singers: Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli, especially. And they were so young! How could they have such beautiful voices??? This song can win, in my opinion. Go Il Volo! XD

  • UK: Electro Velvet – Still in Love with You

Seeing Melodifestivalen 2015 had made me thought that the national selection process for Eurovision must have been done that way in every country (open selection). Apparently, that’s not the case of UK. According to what my friends told me, Eurovision’s entry for UK has always been chosen by BBC and the same goes for this entry. In the past few years, UK had been struggling in this competition, so many people might expect more from this year’s entry. Honestly I like this song. The video clip, especially. It’s funny :)))) (for me) And I like that the lyrics have some kind of ‘public health messages’ on it :)))))

Don’t go out in the pouring rain
You might get wet, I’d be upset

You’re bound to get sneezes
Or nasty diseases
Take good care when I’m not there
I’m still in love with you

While I’m on vacation
You be a good patient
Take your medication
I worry so each time I go

Whoever wrote this song must have been quite health-conscious. Or was it related to the famous health system in the UK? We’ll never know 😛

  • Cyprus: John Karayiannis – One Thing I Should Have Done

I first knew this song from my Cypriot friend (Hi Marios! If you read this blog :)))) and I immediately like it! Apparently that was not enough to convince him that I like this song because of the song itself and not because I have a friend from Cyprus ^^’ (the singer is also cute, by the way 😛 ) Well, even my friend thought that this kind of song was not Eurovision song, but anyway….

Actually, I prefer his first arrangement (the one he performed in Cyprus’ final) rather than this new arrangement. But it might be ‘too plain’ for Eurovision’s entry so they might have changed it a little bit (more strings in the latest version). Anyway, good luck for Cyprus! 😀

  • Slovenia: Maraaya – Here For You

When I first watched this video I was kinda like… 😐 And the singer’s voice was… unusual. And what’s with the dancer??

But then I started to like this song and I think this song is really great!! The pianist was really playful and the music was great! Kind of song I really like. Although I’d rather have a real violinist playing in the background rather than the dancer who acted like she played the violin ^^’ Just FYI, according to their official website, the singer & the pianist are married (how cute is that? :3)

  • Estonia: Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Goodbye To Yesterday

I never thought I would be really paying attention to this country’s entry but this song is great! Their musical style reminded me of my favorite band back in Indonesia – Naif, and also of Kings of Convenience (I don’t know if that’s correct, though). Nothing more I could say about this song, but this is another song I can fully enjoy so far 🙂

  • Greece: Maria Elena Kyriakou – One Last Breath

I had been hesitating to write about this, actually because I know my view will be heavily biased ^^’ and so I didn’t include this entry when I first published this. And like the Slovenian’s entry, when I first listened to this song, I was like… :/ It’s supposed to be a sad song, but this song can’t immediately tear my heart apart ❤ I need to listen really carefully and relate to some sad moments in my life (i.e. when I’m learning statistics, which makes me want to beg anyone to take me out of the fiery hell of statistics) to finally appreciate this song. Well, honestly, what I like from this entry is not the song per se, but rather the singer herself. I admire her. She has beautiful voice and impressive track records behind (check her Spotify also!). So, anyway. She’s on my list as well. (I told you this one would be heavily biased! 😛 )

So… here’s my list! What’s your favorites for Eurovision 2015? 😉

P.S. Sweden has finally chosen its entry for Eurovision 2015 when I updated this post! Perhaps I’m gonna write about it in the other post! 😉


About Eurovision and Melodifestivalen 2015

Before I came to Sweden, I honestly thought that Swedish’s (pop) songs were not really my thing. I had no interest, at all. But it was all changed when my friends introduced me to Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. At first I thought Eurovision was a competition among European countries in science and technology, or a broadcasting company that spread across Europe. But no. It was actually a song contest among European countries (and the song has to be original, no less). And Melodifestivalen is a national competition to select Sweden’s entry for Eurovision. Do you see just how far I was from the truth? ^^’

The first selection for Melodifestivalen this year was held at the beginning of February. It was Saturday night, and I was struggling alone in my room trying to finish my home exam for the first course in the spring semester when my best friend announced that he was about to watch the first semifinal for Melodifestivalen this year. Can you guess what happened next? Yep. I abandoned my exam and ended up watching it ^^’ *no surprise here*

So for each semifinal there were 7 entries competing for 2 positions to go directly to the final and 2 others to go to second chance round. In this very first semifinal, my favorite song, didn’t even make it to the second chance round! Ooooohhhh I was so disappointed!

My favorite song from the 1st semifinal of Melodifestivalen – I’ll be Fine by Molly Pettersson Hammar. For me this is the only good entry that night 😛

This is another entry that made my friends and I :)))))))))))) a lot:

Hello Hi by Dolly Style. Cute, aren’t they? XD This kind of appearance might be usual in Asian countries, but seeing it here really took it to another level :)))

I didn’t watch the 2nd semifinal because I had a gathering with Kampung Stockholm Perjuangan (Temu Musim Cinta ❤ ) But the day afterwards, my friends who watched it seemed to be bewitched by this following performance and in no time, we became huge fans:

Möt mig i Gamla stan by Magnus Carlsson. If you ever read this, Magnus, worry not, you have a huge fan-base here in Stockholm XD XD XD

The 3rd semifinal was probably the most interesting, because my friends and I watched it on a cruise!!!! (Which gave us chances to criticize every single performance together 😛 ) I couldn’t say much about this week’s performance. No particular favorites, but perhaps the following 2 were okay (although at that time we were like…. seriously? ^^’ ) :

I See You by Kristin Amparo. Like Adele?

Bring Out the Fire by Andreas Weise. I didn’t fancy the ‘dum dum dum’ at first, but later I thought it was OK >:D

Both entries went to second chance round, although none of them made it to the final.

Anyway, here’s the winner for the 3rd week:

Jag är fri by Jon Henrik Fjällgren. I have to admit that his performance was the most unique of them all (on the 3rd week), but the flying backing vocals/dancers really scared the living daylights out of me.

The last semifinal (4th week), was, I think, the best semifinal throughout this year’s Melodifestivalen. Although I was sad that one of my favorite songs didn’t make it to the final 😦

Black Swan by Caroline Wennergren. This is the BEST performance for me for that week! Too bad she didn’t even make it to the second chance round 😦

But at least one of my favorites made it to the second chance and even to the final! XD

Guld och gröna skogar by Hasse Andersson. I know many people dislike this performance, but this is one of the songs that could make me happy and smile whenever I listen to it 🙂 Reminds me of summer and how I’m looking forward to it! And I like the performance as well! Especially since there’s a violin involved 😛 and green trees. lots of green trees 😛

This is another performance that made it to second chance round and eventually to final (after winning a duel against Dolly Style):

Make Me (La La La) – Dinah Nah. I kinda like this song, it’s good for dancing, don’t you think? :))) Although I know that my friends wouldn’t agree. Hahahahaha. But she made it to the final, anyway 😛

The following performance is… ah. How should I say it? I didn’t like it at first, but then the song got stuck in my head for days :)))

Don’t Say No – Midnight Boy. I hate this song at first. I hate the performance. But I have to say that compared to many of the previous week’s performers, this guy had a control over his vocal quality (yeah, the others were that bad sometimes). But I strongly suggest that you don’t watch the video. Just. Listen. :))))

I still have a lot to be written about Melodifestivalen and Eurovision but I’m gonna stop here now 😛 (otherwise this will be an endless post). Next week the final will be held in Stockholm and I’m soooo looking forward to it! 🙂 So… see you in the next post!


Hari Ketigapuluhsatu – Bermusik

Hari ini untuk pertama kalinya Rosalinda dimainkan di Swedia. Dalam arti dimainkan di luar kamarku ya.. Jadi ceritanya aku diajakin Mas Dhany buat ngisi di acara “Pasar Malam Indonesia”🌙  (indonesisk marknad) aku agak ketar-ketir kan, soalnya gatau Rosalinda udah fit atau belum dan aku sendiri udah lama ga main. Bener aja kan. Aku agak kesulitan ngulik lagu karena udah lama ga main, sampe2 Mas Dhany harus nulisin bagianku..heuheuheu. Maaf ya mas…
But overall, I’m happy to participate 🙂 Jadi buat yg mau dateng (dan liat aku main), ini loh acaranya… Hehehe


Ditunggu ya! 😄