(A Rather Long) Highlight of 2018

I’ve seen so many bloggers wrote their 2018 highlights on their blog, and I can’t help but feel, ‘I want to do that, too!’ (Yes, I’m easily influenced 😅) so here goes…


It’s our wedding month, so I wanted to do this post-wedding photoshoot (again) with the winter wonderland theme. Luckily, we had enough snow and the weather was really good on our wedding date, so it was really lovely.


We traveled to Poland to arrange the new residence permit (more story here). Turned out to be a nice trip, after all. Poland was lovely.

Sunny day in Gdansk

Gdansk covered in snow

Dream comes true! Visiting Marie Curie’s Museum

Also, time for some winter sport, obviously. Tried skiing for the first time (and probably last 😂) Honestly, I would choose ice skating over skiing any time.

Skating on the lake. Not the easiest thing, but fun!

Tired face after try skiing for the first time


I don’t think many things happened in March, actually. But it was still snowing in Stockholm so it was cool. I did visit the Natural History Museum for the first time because I wanted to see Erik Johansson’s exhibition (it was the last day when I visited). Let me say, I was hooked by his works 😍 I really love this ‘Full Moon Service’ picture and keep on dreaming that someday someone will give it to me 😂 The museum itself was nice, with beautiful building, but I saw that the it was targeting children more. Eh, but it was still fun to visit anyway.

Erik Johansson’s Full Moon Service


SAM SMITH CAME TO STOCKHOLM!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOD. Fangirling so bad. It was amazing. Hands down.

Also, met my high school friend Dixie who just recently moved to Sweden! We hadn’t met for, like, a decade? It was unbelievable 😆

The cherry blossoms just started blooming at the end of the month.

And I also took this 1-day self defence training for girls. Highly recommended!


It was a beautiful period in Stockholm, because all the flowers were blooming. I had my first violin performance since forever (it was awful, I had to say), but it was fun anyway. Also, the new Karolinska University Hospital was inaugurated and I accidentally came at the right time to see the King cut the ribbon (important moment!)

Beautiful campus in spring

I always make this funny face when performing

King of Sweden!


Eid Mubarak! My mom sent me 2 beautiful dresses, one which I wore during the celebration at the embassy.


Although it was definitely a sad moment for team Germany 🤷🏻‍♀️

Happy face, before we knew the fate of team Germany

But it was a fun time (aside from seeing Germany lost and trouble with the passport). Kazan was a wonderful city, and so was Moscow. We took the free train provided by the government to travel between the cities and it was comfortable. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but they did a good job arranging the World Cup.

Kazan. See the green roofs? Super love!!!

Moscow. Look at the colours!

Also watching opera in Bolshoi Theatre, because why not? 😀

Also, Russia can be very hot in the summer. Just saying. I did not expect this at all, to be honest 😅


It’s time for a trip to Cyprus!!! I really can’t thank my best friend Marios and his family enough for letting us stay in their apartment throughout our stay, and having him driving us around THE WHOLE ISLAND for the rest of our holiday (since, well, none of us could really drive 🙈).

But seriously, Cyprus has some of the best beaches I’ve ever visited in my life. I’m so glad I bought that swimming donut 😂 (I’m suck at swimming), but some of the water was really shallow you can technically just walk to the middle (it was amazing). Of course we did not only go to the beaches, although that was the big proportion of what we did there. The archaeological sites there were also magnificent. Although be prepared for the hot weather if you visit in the summer. At some point it reached 40 degrees Celsius, but when I asked my friend if we should just stay at home he said, of course not. So that’s that. 40 deg is fine. With right precaution 😅 (to be fair we visited the mountain that day, so it was cooler. By cooler I mean 36-38 deg 🤣)

Larnaca, the seaside city where we stayed

Cape Greco

Fig Tree Bay. Of course it was full of people.

Lunch under the grape tree (?)

The bakery in the traditional village

Kourion Archeological Site (just a part of it, the site is HUGE)

Larnaca Salt Lake. You could see the mosque to the left

Aphrodite’s Rock

Meeting this fur ball again *love love love


It was Risan’s birthday, and we celebrated at home. I did not have a decent picture to post here, unfortunately 🙈 Also, I attended the Europride Parade in Stockholm.


Time for a trip to Lisbon! I read somewhere that it was the sunniest capital in Europe, yet it was mostly cloudy during our trip there 😅😅😅😅 I am not sure if I like it or not. I mean, Lisbon was fine overall, but nothing has a really wow factor for me. But don’t let my judgement affect yours! The oceanarium and monastery were wonderful, though.

Jeronimos Monastery

The famous yellow tram

Also, I participated in the election in Sweden for the first time! So since I’ve been residing here for a number of years, I got to participate in the election for the kommun and landsting. I am not sure what the English translation should be. Municipality and county? One thing I liked about the election here was that you could take a lot of different valkompass (literally: election compass), an online ‘quiz’ (usually by news agency) to determine which party has the closest vision with you. And honestly, it helped a lot!


Time for an autumn photoshoot! It was another wonderful time in Stockholm since the leaves were changing colours and there were plenty of sunny days.

Also, I attended my friend’s Dr. Lisa Blom’s defence and afterparty. So, it seems customary here to hold an afterparty after your defence and invited your supervisors, opponent, family, and friends for a nice dinner. Some even said this is like a second wedding. And honestly, I am freaked out a bit because this kind of party is never cheap in Sweden. And as strange as it might seem, it is apparently common for the host to ask the guests to pay for the foods (not for my friend’s party though). But coming from where I come from, I can never think of asking my guests to pay for their foods! But we’ll see…

Speech from the supervisor


MY BIRTHDAY!!! Although technically the celebration was done later 😆 We went to an Indonesian restaurant and for some of them, it was really the first time they tried it. I had a hard time describing the food, there should be a guide to explain this 😂😂 How would you actually explain the differences between rendang, gulai, and kari?


My first debut as a violist! Funny enough, I was placed early in the program because the person who arranged the schedule, upon seeing the name and the song I was gonna play, thought that I was a kid 😂😂😂 (the kids were put early in the program and adult students were put later). Well, I couldn’t blame her, since I only played a Christmas song with my teacher 😂😂

I also visited the newly renovated National Museum in Stockholm. I loooovvve it! Now it’s number 1 on my must-visit list in Stockholm!

Entrance to the museum

And last but not least… Winter trip to Italy!! We were originally only planned to stay in Rome, but we saw all the major highlights in 3 days and so we thought, why not make a trip to another city? So we also went to Venice!!! So excited!! 😆 Rome and Venice were absolutely wonderful! The foods were also amazing! (Well my favourite food has been spaghetti since I was 5, so it was absolutely a trip of a lifetime 😂)

My favourite site: Trevi Fountain



Roman Forum

Grand Canal

Sunset in Venice

So that’s pretty much my adventure throughout 2018. I sincerely hope that 2019 will be a good year for all of us! 💚


Second Snow in Stockholm

Today is actually one of the happiest days in my life because… it’s finally snowing again in Stockholm!!!!! XD XD XD

Since the first snow in Stockholm last month (you could see it here), no snow had fallen in Stockholm actually. But today, when I went to school, I found the road covered with a thin layer of snow! And what was more interesting was the snow actually fell again when I was at school, and during the lunch break! Yeayyyyyyy!!!!

It was a bit wet at first that I was afraid it would not last long, but it wasn’t! The snow stayed some time and me and my friends got a chance to ‘play around’ a bit and take a picture (or two or more) of us and the surrounding snow! So happy XD And one of my friends actually said, ‘Your prayer is finally granted, Alicia’ because I had been very noisy and asking my friends when it would eventually snow again XD *so sorry for being so annoying for the past few days XD hehehe…

And finally, here’s some pictures of the day!


Hari Ketigapuluhempat – Belanja Bersama

Duh, ini makin lama kok ya makin susah mau konsisten nulis tiap hari 1 post -___-

Tapi baiklah.

Jadi ceritanya di hari ke-34 ini kelas selese cepet, terus aku dan temen2ku gaje gitu deh bingung mau ngapain. Akhirnya aku racunin aja buat ke Myrorna. Ga tanggung-tanggung, Myrornanya sekalian yang di Ropsten! Hahahaha. Di tengah jalan sebenernya aku agak panik karena aku gatau jalan dari stasiun Ropsten ke Myrornanya gimana. Untung ada Kak Iqbal penyelamat hidup banget. Di-WA dan fast response (berasa online shop 😛 hehehehe)

Jadi, kalo mau ke Myrorna di Ropsten (alamatnya Kolargatan 2), dari Stasiun Ropsten pilih exit yang ke  Hjorthagen, begitu keluar gerbang tiket belok kanan, naik eskalator, abis itu belok kanan luruuuuuuuuuuuus terus sampe mentok terus belok kiri. Myrornanya ada di sebelah kiri, deh! 😀 (makasih Kak Iqbal! Akhirnya kita ga nyasar! Hehehehe)

Tapi sayangnya begitu nyampe Myrorna, barang-barang yang dicari temenku malah ga ada. Hadoh. Udah jauh-jauh, juga. Jadi ga enak… Maaf ya… >.<

Untungnya mereka nyantei2 aja meski udah disesatkan jauh gitu. Heuheuheue. Tadinya abis dari sana kita mau ke Barkarby, tapi karena kesorean, akhirnya kita muter-muter Centralen aja.

Di Centralen, akhirnya untuk pertama kalinya aku bisa masuk H&M!!! (norak deh norak) hahaha. tapi ga beli apa-apa sih (._. ) yang beli malah temenku. Hehehehe. Aku sih beli pembuka kaleng di Clas Ohlson aja. *jomplang abis* *akurapopo*

Sempet muter-muter masuk Intersport dan toko perlengkapan olah raga lainnya juga. Nemu winter boots yang kece abis. Tapi harganya 700 SEK. HAHAHAHAHAHANGENES. ya udah taro lagi. dipandangin aja dari jauh. Hehehehe.

Mudah-mudahan ada yang berbaik hati mau ngasih itu winter boots. Aamiin…. 😛


Hari Ketigapuluhtiga – DA Training

Hari ini cuacanya dingiiiiiiiiiin banget. Di hape sih bilangnya 8 derajat. Tapi rasanya kek 0 saking kencengnya angin dan hujannya -___-

Sore sekitar jam 5an, aku ikut training buat digital ambassadors yang baru. Ada 12 orang digital ambassadors yang baru, dan 3 di antaranya dari Public Health Sciences – Epidemiology. Aku juga gatau kenapa yang dipilih dari Epi ada 3…

Awalnya kita disuruh ngenalin diri, nyebutin nama, negara asal, program di sini, umur, background pendidikan, trus ‘I’m really good at….’ (aku bilangnya sih ‘I’m really good at stalking people through the net’ 😛 –> hasil didikan di Mahawaditra. Muhahahaha :P), ‘I’m inspired by people who…’ (play music!), sama ‘I love to…’ (read, play the music, and hang out with my friends. trus ujug2 langsung kebayang sama 2 sahabatku di sini gitu. heuheu. but they’re so lovely, so I couldn’t resist!)

Dari sekian banyak perkenalan, aku paling terkesan sama perkenalannya Maike, salah satu DA dari Epi juga. Dia bilang dia terinspirasi sama adiknya, yang mengalami Down syndrome, karena dia bisa ngeliat dunia dari perspektif yang berbeda. I thought, ‘Wow…’ Bagi sebagian orang, ga mudah loh menerima kondisi seperti itu… She must really have a big big heart! ❤

Sesi selanjutnya ada diskusi antar sesama DA yang baru, international officer, dan DA tahun ke-2. Yang didiskusiin apa aja? Banyak. Ya harapan, cita-cita, pengalaman nge-blog sebelumnya, pengalaman dengan DA sebelumnya, kekhawatiran jadi DA, dst dsb. Rata-rata sih harapannya ingin menambah kemampuan komunikasi, tertulis dan verbal, pengen ketemu kenalan baru, membangun jejaring, dan sebagainya. Ketakutannya… rata-rata takut ga punya waktu buat nulis dan takut ga ada ide buat nulis. Heuuu. Tapi international officer dan DA tahun ke-2nya meyakinkan kami kalau itu semua  bisa dilakukan kok dan mereka juga ngasih ide gimana caranya buat manage tulisan supaya ga sampe stuck.

Di tengah-tengah training, kita ada sesi ‘pausgympa’. Jadi kita stretching, trus lompat kodok juga. Hahahaha. Pas banget aku lagi pake masker kodoknya 😛 😛 😛 trus kita juga main bingo. Tapi bingo-nya rada beda, karena kita harus muterin ruangan dan nanya satu-satu ke semuanya, pertanyaan-pertanyaan kaya, “Kamu bisa main musik? Kamu pernah naik rollercoaster?” dst dsb. Random abis deh. Hehehehe. Sayangnya aku gagal buat ngisi 2 baris sebagai syarat bingo-nya >.<

Kita juga dikasih pengarahan tentang bagaimana harus menjawab e-mail yang masuk, karena kita bakal nyantumin student e-mail kita di laman profilenya. It is expected that prospective students will be able to contact each of us personally. Karena biarpun udah ada e-mail khusus untuk admission dan study guidance, tetep aja orang lebih seneng kalo bisa kenal secara pribadi sama “orang dalem” KI-nya kan… 🙂

Kita juga diajarin cara make platform blogging buat DA, yaituuu… WordPress!! Hehehehe… Alhamdulillah aku udah agak familiar sama platform yang ini, jadi mudah-mudahan ga ada kesulitan waktu makenya nanti 🙂 Menarik sih, karena sekarang aku bakal nulis di wordpress sebagai perwakilan dari KI. Excited yet nervous at the same time!

Sebelum pulang, kita dikasih liat video ini… Bagus deh. Heart-warming gituuuu (apalagi karena ada Indonesianya. Hehehe) Ya intinya, as a digital ambassador, do not be afraid to express yourself. Just be yourself!

So… are you ready now to post…?? x))


Hari Ketigapuluh – Ujian

Wow! Ga kerasa ternyata udah 30 hari aku di Swedia.. 😀 alhamdulillah yah..meski flunya belum sembuh juga. Huhuw

BTW,di hari ketiga puluh ini pertama kalinya aku ujian. Jadi di kuliahku yg sistemnya blok ini, di pertengahan ada ujian tengah course gitu. Ga dimasukin nilai c,tapi ujian ini kaya simulasi buat ujian sebenarnya gitu. Trus udah gitu enaknya kita juga bisa Download soal2 ujian tahun sebelumnya, jadi bisa belajar dari sana juga. Nah kebetulan beberapa hari sebelumnya, aku, Marios & Oscar sempet belajar bareng gitu (yg sampe bela2in booking grupprum di biblioteket :D) eh alhamdulillah ternyata ngebantu banget belajar kaya gitu 🙂 beberapa materi justru jadi lebih nempel karena udah didiskusikan bareng sebelumnya.

Karena hari itu cuma ada ujian,kita jadi bisa punya waktu kosong sebelum jam makan siang.trus dengan randomnya kita bertiga jalan2 ke taman deket Pax. (itu lumayan jauh loh kalo jalan) heuheuheu. Trus aku bawa kue punschurrle (kalo ga salah ya namanya) buat dimakan rame2.bentuknya kotak, warnanya ijo gitu, tapi ada cokelat di kedua ujungnya. Lumayan enak c,tapi pas aku cobain kok rada aneh rasanya. Pas udah abis dimakan, temenku nyeletuk,pokoknya intinya kaya kita baru makan alkohol nih. What??? Pas aku cek, baru deh ketauan di ingredients nya kalo ada rumnya..hadeuh.. Cape deh (-__-“)

Jadi kawan2,lain kali klo mau beli kue dicek dulu ya kandungannya…


Hari Keduapuluhdelapan – Pisang

Hari ini pas makan siang asli random banget ngobrolin pisang sama temen-temenku. Pertamanya lupa ngomongin apa, tapi terus Marios nanya ke aku sama Oscar, “Emangnya ada pisang lain selain yang biasa kita kenal di supermarket?”

Wah… langsung aja aku sama Oscar bilang,”Wah ada lah…” Trus kita berdua langsung heboh gitu ngomongin pisang dari negara masing-masing. Indonesia boleh bangga lah kita punya jenis pisang banyak banget. Aku aja sebenernya ga apal ada pisang apa aja. Aku bilang aja kita punya pisang dengan berbagai ukuran, dari mulai yang gede banget sampe  yang kecil banget. Ku bilang aja yang kecil itu ada yang namanya pisang susu. Pisang = banana, susu = milk, jadi milk banana. Hahahaha #ngarangabis xD Terus aku bilang aja pisang yang gede banget biasanya kita goreng. Terus pada kaget gitu denger ada makanan pisang goreng. Hahahahahaha. Belom nyobain aja mereka xD Terus si Oscar cerita, kalo di Kolombia ada makanan semacem pisang goreng tapi rasanya asin gitu. Terus ada juga semacam snack dari pisang yang dikasih saus dari jambu biji. Wow. kaya apa ya rasanya? 😀 😀 😀

Seru sih kalo udah ngobrol sama temen-temen lintas negara, karena banyak hal baru yang bisa kita pelajari, bahkan sampai ke hal sesimpel jenis-jenis pisang. Oh trus kadang aku juga gemes-gemes gimana gitu kalo dengerin temenku cerita dia suka makan nasi, tapi dia cuma tau beras basmati sama beras jasmin (ya emang adanya cuma itu sih di sini). Duh, coba dia dateng ke Indonesia, jenis-jenis beras aja ada banyak banget. Ya pandan wangi lah, rojo lele lah. Tapi gimana coba jelasin beras rojo lele ke mereka? Catfish king rice? (catfish = lele, king = raja, rice = beras –> maksa :P) Hehehehe.

Jadi kawan-kawan di Indonesia, bersyukurlah Anda-Anda bisa makan berbagai macam nasi, bisa makan berbagai macam pisang dan olahannya, dan terutama bisa makan gorengan. Hehehehe.

Aaaahhhh. Jadi laper kan *kunyah telor rebus*


Hari Keduapuluhtujuh – Digital Ambassador & Belajar Kelompok

Hari ini aku nerima 2 e-mail yang bikin aku seneng :))

Yang pertama dari Stroket, chamber music ensemble-nya KI, ngabarin kalau mereka bakal ngadain latihan Kamis ini (yang mana sedihnya aku ga bisa dateng karena ada acara lain >.<)

Yang kedua dari KI, tepatnya dari bagian student affairs yang ngabarin kalau aku keterima jadi salah satu KI digital ambassador!!!! :””””))))

Alhamdulillah… *sujud syukur* seneng banget karena emang dari awal aku seneng banget bacain postingan mereka, nontonin videonya, dan pengen banget bisa jadi bagian dari mereka salah satunya biar bisa bantuin calon mahasiswa yang mau masuk KI :””)

Doakan mudah-mudahan aku bisa menjalankan amanah ini dengan sebaik-baiknya… >.< aamiin!


Hari ini sebetulnya kuliahnya selese cepet, tapi ada kumpul tugas kelompok abis jam makan siang, jadi ga bisa pulang dulu deh (yang mana telah mengakibatkanku begadang malam sebelumnya –> salah sendiri :P)

Kebetulan kumpul kelompoknya selese cepet, jadi nganggur deh. Bingung mau pulang juga males, akhirnya aku kabarin temen-temenku, Oscar & Marios kalo aku udah selese kumpul kelompok, berhubung mereka juga sama2 lagi kerja kelompok di perpus.

Eh, ternyata wa ku berbuntut panjang, karena akhirnya, akhirnya nih ya, kita memutuskan buat belajar bareng buat half time examination hari jumat xD hahahahaha… bahkan kita sampe bela2in booking mendadak ruang diskusi di perpus *niat abis

makasih, makasih… kita emang rajin. 😛

trus udah gitu pas mau masuk ruang diskusinya, ternyata di dalem masih ada 1 temen sekelas kita yang masih ngerjain tugas kelompok (sisa bookingan jam sebelumnya). trus dia heran gitu ngeliat kita bertiga, dia kira kita 1 kelompok buat tugas matkul ini. pas dijelasin kalo kita cuma mau belajar bareng buat ujian, dia sampe bilang gini,’Don’t be too hard on yourself, okay?’ hahahahaha xD kayanya kerajinan banget sih kite emang 😛

tapi seru lah, ternyata menyenangkan juga bisa belajar kelompok, karena selama ini aku biasanya belajar sendiri. tapi kalo belajar kelompok kan jadi bisa saling bantu kalo ada yang ga ngerti. ya… mudah2an ke depannya juga bakal makin rajin :)))) oh. dan mudah-mudahan hasil ujiannya bagus. aamiin… heheheu